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Goodlight Natural Candle Review

Goodlight Natural Candles Review
By Mommy's Coupon Fairy
The Goodlight story begins with Jon and David, two good friends from Colorado, who sought to provide an affordable, safe and non-toxic candle alternative to the world.  The normal candles that light many homes and restaurants are petroleum based paraffin candles which release harmful carcinogens into the air when they are burned.  The fumes that are put off by these candles are harmful to your lungs.  Jon and David's vision was to provide a substitute to these paraffin candles and ensure a clean-burning candle that was safe for those who used them.

With that, Goodlight began making candles from palm wax. Palm wax is a sustainable, renewable substance which is good for the environment.  Palm wax is made from palm fruit, which "is the most efficient and highest yielding oil-producing plant on earth".  As a result of this, the demand for palm fruit has increased dramatically and has led some companies to seek drastic measures to product this plant, including destroying forests and endangering wildlife.  Jon and David hope that through Goodlights, they will raise awareness of the palm industry through their customers and to support the importance of growing palm fruit more sustainably.

Goodlight offers a full line of natural candles in the form of votives, tea lights, pillar, and taper styles.  They are unscented and reasonably priced.  I received tea lights which are made from 100% palm wax and have pure cotton wicks.  This combination of wax and wicks allows the candles to burn clean and bright.  The Company's tea lights provide subtle lighting which is perfect for romantic evenings or just to set a warm and comfortable mood.  The votives, which I also received, are also made of palm wax and contain no additives.  The wick is also similar to that of the tea lights and contains no metal or lead.  These votives are long-lasting and burn bright for over 15 hours.  I have used these candles in my home and like that they are free of artificial scents.  They are natural colored candles, which are great to match to any decor.  The best part about these candles is the knowing that they are not releasing toxins into the air, which could be harmful to my children.  The candles provided the perfect amount of light, were easy burning and lasted more than several hours. 
Goodlights are safe and affordable and the perfect gift for anyone who loves candles and loves the environment.  They can be ordered at

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