Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Squinkies Zinkies Review - A Suprize Inside

Squinkies Zinkies are the newest addition to the Squinkies family!  They each have a soft, squishy surprize inside and now they are even smaller than before!

Squinkies have now introduced "Zinkies" which are half the size of a Squinkies but still "squishy, squashy and equally adorable!"
Each of the six Squinkies Zinkies Bubble Packs include 12 Zinkies, each with its own small bubble, a toy display, a pair of squeezers and a magnifying glass.

Squinkies are made by Blip Toys.  Blip Toys was established in 2000 and their headquarters are located in Minnesota.  Blip Toys is a company focused on innovative toys and is a global marketer of many toy concepts including the ever-popular Squinkies brand of collectibles, Whimzy Pets and a variety of licensed products including Disney, Barbie & Hello Kitty brands.

My daughter was very excited when the Zinkies arrived in the mail!  When we opened the package, we both thought they were adorable, but knew she wouldn't be able to play with them around her little brother! 

After my son went to bed one night, we carefully opened each of the Zinkies bubbles to find an adorable assortment of animals including dogs, cats and bunnies.  We used the "squeezers" to carefully place each of the Zinkies in their hiding places!!  Here are the sets we received: 

I would recommend these Zinkies as a wonderful addition to your family's toy collection.  However, remember they are recommended for ages 4+. 

Zinkies are so small you can hide them anywhere!
Bubble Packs include:
    A Birdhouse
 A mushroom
 A train
A Flower

Squinkies are available for purchase on Amazon and other national retailers!

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"Blip Toys’ new Squinkies Zinkies, the teeny tiny new addition to the Squinkies family.  With their tiny size, assortment of characters, and fun accessories they are great for girls and boys above the age of four.."

** Disclosure: The above mentioned products were provided by the company at no cost in exchange for our honest opinion and review.