Monday, February 21, 2011

The texthook Review

The texthook Review - A Dashboard for your Mobile Life
By Mommy's Coupon Fairy 
Have you ever had trouble locating your phone when you are out shopping or in the grocery store?  Have you ever put your phone in your purse or diaper bag and just can't find it when you hear it ringing?  As a busy mom, many of us need some accessories to stay organized and keep track of things!!!  And that's where the texthook comes in...
The texthook is the hottest new smartphone accessory for 2011.  The strap-on design allows you to quickly fasten your smartphone to the handlebar of your stroller, exercise equipment, shopping cart or bicycle.  Brought to you by GoldPerl, LLC, they "are committed to creating innovative products that merge a high tech lifestyle with old fashioned ingenuity" and "create only the finest quality products to enhance our customers' enjoyment of their telephones"
It is the must have and ultimate smart phone holder as featured on the Today Show.  The texthook is the perfect way to support your active lifestyle and to hold your blackberry, i-phone or other smartphone.  The texthook attaches safely and conveniently to your stroller, shopping cart, and gym equipment.  The texthook allows you to easily stay in touch and connected while you are out and about.  The patent-pending design provides easy access to the touchscreen or keyboard, so you can easily continue to text, e-mail and talk using your phone while you are shopping and exercising. 
I have been using the texthook for a couple of weeks and love it.  It makes shopping trips so much easier.  The texthook is conveniently attached to my stroller bar and stays in place.  I have not had to remove it since I installed it.  I love that I always know where my phone is located and don't have to dig in my purse or in my diaper to try to find it when it rings. It also makes it easy to answer emails and texts because you don’t even have to remove the phone from the texthook to answer them.  The texthook is very lightweight and durable, and even though I haven't removed it from my stroller, it can be attached and removed repeatedly.  I have also found them when I insert and remove my phone from the texthook, it requires little to no effort and can be completed in one simple sliding motion.  The cradle of the texthook can rotate 180° so you can view your phone from any angle.

Please check out today as the texthook is quickly becoming a new favorite item of parents everywhere!
I would highly recommend this accessory for any mom or dad on the go!  Or even for the gym enthusiasts as you can attach your phone to the treadmill, bike or elliptical machine.  It is also a great gift item for new parents!
The texthook is compatible with the following phones
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