Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cowgirl Chocolates Review

I received a sampler of truffle chocolates and caramels to review and when they arrived, I didn't even want to open them because the packaging was so perfect!!  The box was custom wrapped with ribbon and a cowgirl charm and inside was a wonderful selection of mild and spicy truffles and caramels!  Each was wrapped in colorful foil which helped to easily identify the treat inside.  Also included was a flavor guide, so I knew exactly what I was getting ready to enjoy! 

My favorites were the Raspberry Dark Chocolate Spicy Truffle and the Milk Chocolate and Raspberry Lemon Mild Truffles.  The spicy chocolates delivered a special kick as soon as you bit into them!  These chocolates definitely are spicy, so I would recommend these for those who like it hot!!  The raspberry spicy truffle had a sweet, gooey raspberry center which complemented the spicy very well!!  The mild chocolates were delicious and creamy.  The milk chocolate truffles were great if you prefer to skip the peppery or spicy taste.  The caramels were very tasty treats as well!  There is something for everyone at Cowgirl Chocolates.  They also have a selection of chocolate bars, cocoa & treats, gifts, and gear!!  To make a purchase, visit 

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