Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hooked on Phonics - Math Kit - $104 shipped

Hooked on Phonics - Hooked on Math Kit is on sale and marked down from $199.95 to $159.95.

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The kit will end up costing $104 with free shipping. 

Why Are Math Skills Important?In today's technologically advanced society, math skills are vital. Many job and educational opportunities demand math proficiency, especially as technology becomes more and more ubiquitous. Yet despite the perceived importance this country places on mathematics, recent international assessments have shown U.S. students lagging behind their peers in other industrialized nations in math skills.

Mathematical concepts and technologies permeate homes, schools, workplaces, popular culture, and everyday conversation. One study notes, "Mathematics is a universal, utilitarian subject-so much a part of modern life that anyone who wishes to be a fully participating member of society must know mathematics."

What's In The Box?
Hooked on Math is designed for:
  • Children ages 6 to 10
The Hooked on Phonics Hooked on Math Program puts kids on the fast track to mastering basic math concepts at their own pace, with exercises and games designed to teach young students math skills from addition and subtraction, all the way through multiplication and long division.

Even though children are surrounded by math concepts nearly everyday, from when we’re very young, many kids find math intimidating or difficult - and even boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Hooked on Phonics Hooked on Math Program turns learning math concepts into an exciting and fun time for even the most reluctant students. Full of fun and interactive learning tools - including songs, flash cards, games, and activities - the Hooked on Math Program takes children ages 6 to 10 from basic addition and subtraction all the way through multiplication and long division, with fun and exciting exercises and engaging activities. Using the Hooked on Phonics proven learn-practice-play approach, the Hooked on Math Program works like this:
  • Learn: Young students learn math skills they need to succeed in school with interactive Hooked on Math lessons designed to capture kids’ interests.
  • Practice: Children and parents practice with fun and engaging Hooked on Math activities in colorful workbooks to reinforce math skills and build confidence at each step along the way.
  • Play: Parents and kids play fun and original Hooked on Math games like Space Bingo and Remainder Road that put fun new twists on reinforcing key math concepts.
Here in one comprehensive kit, you’ll find everything you need to help your child master math concepts early, and to reinforce what they learn, making them strong math students for life!

Learn more about the Hooked on Math program – what’s included and reviews from parents just like you -- by clicking the tabs below. Let’s get your child started on the road to mastering basic math skills that will last them a lifetime, today!

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