Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pixiekids Toys Review - 5NBK

Pixiekids Toys
Review by Mommy's Coupon Fairy

I recently found "Pixiekids Toys" Facebook Page and I'm so glad I did! 

Pixiekids Toys has a beautiful, eco-friendly line of toys, dolls, and play sets which will be sure to catch your eye and steal your heart!  Each Pixiekids toy is hand stitched from eco-felt, which is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.  The toys are handmade with love by Melisa and you sure can tell! 
I have one of Pixiekids Toys' eco pet owls and let me just tell you how cute it is!!  The little owl, we call him Hoots, is made of light brown and dark brown eco-felt.  Hoots has blue wing accents and an orange triangle nose.  His body is soft and durable and his colors are earthy and vibrant.  When we received Hoots in the mail, my daughter was so excited!  She couldn't wait to open him and carried him around the rest of the day! 
Pixiekids Toys is a hands-on family business where each family member has a role in the toy process.  Melisa uses her experience as a teacher to design and create toys which will engage your child's senses and encourage interaction.  Her focus is toys which will inspire your child's imagination and allow for hours of imaginative play.  Melisa's husband designs wooden boxes which accompany the play sets and Melisa's children provide the inspiration, ideas and the motivation for these beautiful toy creations. 
What makes Pixiekids Toys unique? 
These colorful toys are handmade from environmentally friendly materials which are safe for the environment and your children.
What are Mommy's Coupon Fairy's Favorites from Pixiekids Toys?
1) Princess Tea Party Set on Silver Platter with Scented cookies
2) Eco Pets - Owl, Hedgehog, & Turtle
3) Breakfast In Bed Set - Tray, coffee, egg, strawberries, orange, blueberry muffin, bacon
Where can I purchase Pixiekids Toys?!/pages/Pixiekids-Toys/150092098376134
Happy Shopping!  And I hope you find Pixiekids Toys as wonderful as I do!!


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  2. Hi Mommy's Coupon Fairy,

    I must agree with you Pixiekids Toys are soo cute... I was just looking at the photos for "Eco-felt Woodland Creatures and Dolls" and I soo picture my Emi loving the Owl. Its so funny cause she has become to love Owls ever since her auntie became a sorority sister and has introduced her to Owls. I recently purchased her a little Owl teddy and she takes him along everywhere. Please enter me in the Pixiekids Toys giveaway. I am following both sites on facebook,twitter and now through blog.
    Thank you for all your interesting posts.

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