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Cling Cord Review - CaitiMac Creations

Clingy Cord Review
By Mommy's Coupon Fairy
Is your son or daughter in the throwing stage?  Are you constantly picking up his/her bottle or sippy cup?  Well then a Clingy Cord is the answer to your problems. 
The Clingy Cord is one of several great inventions from CaitiMac Creations!!!  The Clingy Cord is "the PERFECT accessory for children in the dropping, throwing, losing, or just tossing-for-fun stages".  This patented product has a sliding knot design which adjusts to fit all of the items that your kids love to throw to the floor including bottles, sippy cups, blankets, pacifiers, toys and much more.  The Clingy Cord is fully adjustable and attaches to almost all baby items - strollers, high chairs, shopping carts, car seats, diaper bags, and belt loops.

Carolyn, the mom of three, was first inspired to design the Clingy Cord when her oldest daughter, Caitlin Mackenzie (aka CaitiMac) entered the throwing stage!  Caitlin not only threw her bottle and then her sippy cup, but also her favorite bunny blanket.  This is a normal game played by babies and toddlers and Carilyn soon decided that the game was getting old and she needed to do something about it.  With that, she created the Clingy Cord. 
The Clingy Cord is a must-have baby/kid accessory.  We received our Clingy Cord and started using it right away.  Primarily, I use the cord for my son's bottle since he just started to toss things to the floor.  The clip allows the Clingy Cord to fit perfectly to the side of his highchair and his car seat.  This makes for a stress-free, convenient way to keep track of it.  The Clingy Cord is adjustable to fit any size bottle or cup and the plastic ball on the fabric, which is BPA free, slides and stays easily in place.  The cord is also sewn in the middle.  The fabrics used to make the Clingy Cords have been tested & are within the standards of the CPSIA guidelines.

The Clingy comes in a variety of prints and patterns to suit your little boy or little girl.  Clingy Cords cost $18.00, but are currently on sale for $15.00 at and
Please stop by and get your Clingy Cord today!

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