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Healthy U Review - Local Business & Nutrition Club

Healthy U Review
I was recently invited to become a member of Healthy U, a local business and nutrition club located in Media, PA.  During lunch last week, I visited this new establishment to learn about the business and their mission, as well as test the products and meal replacement options that they offer.  I had such a nice experience!
Healthy U is a Nutrition Club located in the heart of Media off of State Street.  Their goal is to promote healthy options and nutritional awareness in Delaware County. Healthy U opened in November 2010 and is owned and operated by Jessica Weld, Bradley Weld and Sherry Hall.  All Healthy U staff members are personal wellness coaches.  Healthy U provides healthy meal replacement options, as well as a full line of Herbalife products and vitamins. 
Jessica and her husband Bradley began using Herbalife last year and have never looked back.  Herbalife offers the couple a fun, easy and healthy lifestyle option.  Herbalife is an easy-to-follow program without complicated meals to make, points to count or tasteless products as 'treats'.  Herbalife products are unique because they are based on the concept of cellular nutrition and are formulated to support healthy cells in your body.  The Herbalife products allow the body's cells to absorb nutrients, vitamins and minerals and protect the body from toxins. 
Herbalife has changed the Welds' lives and helped them lose over 90 pounds together!  Before Herbalife, Jessica was a pre-diabetic.  She never had energy and wore a size 16/18.  After her switch to the healthy Herbalife lifestyle, Jessica lost 50 pounds, her sugar levels dropped back to normal and her energy levels have skyrocketed!!  She is now proud of her new size 4/6 figure!!  Her husband, Bradley lost over 40 pounds and went from a jean size of 40 to a size of 33.  Before his weight loss, Bradley had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  He also suffered from herniated disks in his back.  With the help of Herbalife shakes and supplements, Bradley's blood pressure and cholesterol are both back to normal and he has eliminated his prescription medications.
Since this was my first visit to Healthy U, I was offered a FREE nutritional shake, an herbal tea, and aloe water.  It sounds like a lot to drink, but each provide benefits to your body. 
I'm not going to lie....  I had some reservations about drinking my lunch, but I was very satisfied with my banana strawberry shake.  It was very refreshing and left me feeling full.  Healthy U offers several daily shake flavors to their new and existing Healthy U nutrition club members.  They also offer an herbal tea selection which provides the body with an energizing boost.  I had the chai herbal green tea.  Again, this was a great choice.  The traditional chai tea flavors of cinnamon and ginger accented this green tea.  The tea's low level of natural caffeine is safe for the body and gives you energy.  I was also offered a mango flavored aloe water.  This was very refreshing and I would recommend to anyone who would like to add a little flavor to their water.  I enjoyed my shake, tea, and aloe water in the lounge area of Healthy U.  It was comfy and relaxing with soft jazz music playing in the background.
In addition to the meal replacement shake and other beverages, Healthy U offers a full line of Herbalife products including supplements and skin care items.  I was able to test and enjoy the following products from Herbalife's Radiant C line during my visit and absolutely loved them!  Healthy U offers a private area for consultation about their products as well as an area to be weighed and measured.  Here are the products I tested:
Radiant C Skin Booster:  This was my FAVORITE product!  Jessica called this "sunshine in a tube" and I couldn't agree more!  This is an incredible gel cream infused with antioxidants and Vitamin C.  It is formulated to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.  It also helps to improve your skin tone and texture.  If you are constantly washing baby bottles, like me, you know what it is like to have dry hands.  And with all of this cold, winter weather, your hands are also probably cracked too!  Well here is your solution!!!  After I used this gel, my hands felt like silk.  This is a must have product!

Radiant C Facial Scrub Cleanser:  This facial cleanser is also Vitamin C enriched and provides for great exfoliation.  It gently smoothes and softens your skin.  Jessica recommends using this product regularly for a great glow.

Radiant C Body Lotion SPF 15: This is a product that can be used by the whole family.  The lotion is light-weight and non-greasy.  It moisturizes as well as provides an SPF of 15.  It is a great way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and is also safe to use on your children. 

Everyday Soothing Spray: This spray is soothing for dry skin and uses aloe to hydrate your pours.  Jessica recommends using this on towel dried skin, after a shower or your kids' baths.  Just a few sprays on damp skin will provide aloe-enriched hydration.  This is also great to apply to dry or irritated skin or sunburn after a day on the beach.  This spray is very light and did not leave my skin feeling greasy. 

Herbalife also offers a full line of kids' products including kid shakes and multi vitamins. The kid's line of Herbalife shakes offers a great meal alternative for your little ones.  They are great for picky eaters or kids who require additional nutrients and protein in their diets.  The kids' shakes are offered in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavors, but there are endless flavor combinations when you add fruit to the smoothies.  The shakes provide for seventeen essential vitamins and minerals in addition to 15 grams of fiber and protein.  Herbalife's MultiVites are fruit flavored chewable vitamins for kids, which provide 100% of the daily value of essential vitamins.  The vitamins are a great source of B complex, Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, C & E, as well as antioxidants.

Healthy U is located at 16 S. Orange Street in Media and is open during lunch hours Monday - Thursday from 11-3 and Friday from 12-3.  They are also open on select Saturdays of each month.   

Healthy U offers each new member a FREE membership to their Nutrition Club. Each new member receives a FREE 16 oz. Healthy Smoothie, Herbal Energizing Tea and Aloe Water.  Each additional visit includes your 'Healthy Meal' and is $5.00.  Stop by Healthy U today and let them know that Mommy's Coupon Fairy sent you!

For more information about Healthy U, visit their facebook page at
And if you are interested in the products mentioned or any other Herbalife product information visit

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