Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bummas Review

By Mommy's Coupon Fairy
After the wipe and before the dipe,
Use a soft kiss of cloth to dry bums off.
Keep diaper rash at bay the Bummas way!
This is the cute jingle that is on every set of Bummas wipes.  Bummas are eco-friendly wipes that should be included as part of your diaper changing process.  They are soft 5x7 clothes made of woven velour terry cloth.  Bummas are a durable and colorful alternative to commercial baby wipes and will also help to eliminate the use of traditional diaper rash ointments, creams, powders, and talc. 
Bummas were designed by parents of a baby boy to not only dry their baby's bum, but to also provide protection from the unexpected squirts from their little man. Bummas can also be used as wet wipes when you add just a little water.  They are reusable and are available in soft, vibrant, and earthly color choices.  Bummas are guaranteed not to pill shrink or fade and are recommended to be washed with like colors before use.
I received a set of the "wild ones" to use for my little baby boy.  When they arrived, I didn't even want to open them because they looked so cute and colorful in their wrapping!  After I washed the wipes, I was ready for their first use!  Since there are 10 wipes in each pack, I keep a few of them in my diaper bag, a few of them in the bathroom, and the rest of them at my changing station.  They have come in handy and a definitely a must have item for your baby.  They are "luxuriously" soft and are perfect for your baby's tiny hiney!!
Some other recommended uses for Bummas: burp clothes, cleanup wipes, and nose wipes.  I have also used them as wash clothes!  Please stop by to pick up your set of Bummas!!  Also like them on Facebook - Bummas!!

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