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Zylie the Bear Review

Zylie the Bear Review by Mommy's Coupon Fairy 

Zylie the Bear is a fashionable and cuddly 12 year old bear who is sure to excite your little girl.  Zylie is dressed in a modern and stylish outfit complete with skinny denim jean leggings, a signature flounce top, and a white blazer.  And no bear or little girl could be without her purse.  Zylie also carries an orange tote with her essentials inside: a map, her diary, and her Passport of course! 

All Zylie's clothing is designed by esteemed clothing designer, Katie Fong.  This worldly bear comes with her very own adventure book!  She is soft and designed to dress and take everywhere just like a doll.

 Zylie's co-founder Mary Mitton came up with the idea of Zylie the Bear when her daughter would dress her beloved stuff animals in her sister's doll clothes.  Mary thought the animals looked ridiculous in doll clothes and from there, Zylie the Bear was born.   Mary and her son soon began creating a world of fun and adventure around Zylie, with a series of fun children's books that follow Zylie on her global travels.  Zylie also has a line of fashionable outfits so she can be dressed, undressed, and fashionably coordinated with all of her accessories.  Zylie also has friends, including Shen the Panda!  Zylie and Shen serve as strong role models for kids based on the character traits and adventures that are depicted in their books!

When we received Zylie the Bear in the mail, my daughter could not have been more excited.  She is packaged in a sturdy box with her name and logo on it and looks almost too beautiful to play with.  Her clothes were adorable and she was the perfect size!  She is easy to pose and is fun to accessorize and fit right in with all of my daughter's other friends!  My daughter invited her to a tea party right away and began to ask questions about her map and her passport.  My daughter was very curious about Zylie andespecially liked reading the book about her adventures.

Zylie the Bear was created to serve a purpose for Mary and her children, but also has proved to be an educational tool for children through her exciting adventures.  Zylie is daring and inquisitive and loves to travel with her aunt, a world-renowned journalist.  During her travels around the world, children have the opportunity to experience and enrich their learning through reading about different cultures and countries.  The company works with prominent learning scientists to help make the most of the educational opportunities that Zylie offers.
Zylie the Bear and the creative minds behind the company continue to seek opportunities to expand on Zylie's experiences and to create compelling stories and educational messages.  Zylie the Bear also plans to introduce interactive games which model Zylie's adventures, the cultures she explores, the languages she encounters, and the history she learns along the way.

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