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Rockin' GREEN Detergent Review

Rockin' Green Detergent - by Mommy's Coupon Fairy
Rockin' Green detergents are safe for you and the environment. Rockin’ Green is: dye free, has no fillers, enzymes, whiteners or optical brighteners.  Rockin’ Green is safe for all diapers.  It is 100% Phosphate free, vegan, and gentle enough for sensitive skin. 

Rockin’ Green comes in several different formulas, which proves that there is formula for everyone!
·         Soft-Rock - This formula is designed for those that have sensitive little ones or soft water.
      Classic-Rock  This is the original formula, and is great for those with moderate hard water, or just those that are battling with stinkies. Comes in unscented and scented varieties.
      Hard-Rock - This formula is designed for the most troubling of water types.
·          All Rockin’ Green formulas are designed with the same great ingredients, and work for all water types. Most people do great with the Classic formula, so when in doubt start off with that formula; that's the one I started with too!  Rockin' Green Detergent is safe for all laundry and diapers and will not repel or build up in your cloth diapers.  It is recommended to use a small amount of detergent with each load of clothes, in order for the formula to rinse clean from the garment. 

Rockin' Green Detergent is not only for your cloth diapers, but can also be used for your normal laundry.  It is recommended, however, if you are switching from a clean rinsing detergent, to try Rockin' Green detergent first as an overnight soak with 3 Tbs of Rockin' Green followed by several washes with nothing. Repeat the process until your diapers are fresh smelling again.

I used the Rockin' Green Detergent for my regular laundry, including loads of my children's clothes, as well loads of their towels, washcloths, and bibs.  I was very impressed with the way the laundry felt after using this detergent.  I chose the classic formula, because my water is neither hard nor soft.  The best part about using the Rockin' Green Detergent was knowing there were no harsh chemicals that could be harmful to my kids.  I also picked the Bare Naked Babies unscented.  There are several scent choices however, including:

·         Mighty Mighty Marshmallow - it's sweet and nutty, and very mighty!
·         Smashing Watermelons- this juicy watermelon blend is like a kick to your senses..Best Seller!
·         The Green Tea's - the zen like blend of green tea and aloe, is sure to make it to the top of your playlist.
·         Rage against the Raspberry- this raspberry and honey blend will have you running around the laundry room looking for the mosh pit! Best Seller!
·         Mötley Cleän - there's clean and then there's Mötley Cleän. This fresh blend has hints of ocean, fresh linen, and sunshine.
·         Lavender Mint Revival- this medley of lavender and mint is like nothing you have heard or smelled before!
·         Bare Naked Babies- because we love the smell of babies, we offer an unscented variety too!

I also had a friend use the Rockin' Green Detergent for her daughter's cloth diapers.  She was happy with the detergent and the way the diapers came out of the wash.  She has now made the switch from normal detergent to Rockin' Green!!

Washing Instructions:
- Washing diapers and clothing should not be a complicated ordeal. Forget everything that you have heard, and keep it simple. You don‘t need extra boosters or add-ons with Rockin’ Green.
1.     - Savor the smell of your Rockin’ Green detergent…ahh…yummy….
2    -  Dump your diapers/clothes into the washer and do a cold rinse/wash to get the nasties out prior to the wash cycle. The more water, the better!
3.     - Add the detergent and do a hot wash. Use 2-3 Tbsp* per load. For HE machines or those with soft water use 1-2 Tbsp*.
4.     - Double Rinse.
5.     - Enjoy your clean fluff!

Are you Rockin’ A Frontloader Washer:
Well, here is a list of the different front loader models which work well with the Rockin' Green Detergent!

Bosch Nexxt
-Soak Cycle. 1T Rockin Green. Let it soak for 30min or more. This washer uses minimal amounts of water so the soak helps to get the diapers good and wet before the wash. Drain
-Hot wash. 1T Rockin green with extra rinse.
-If it has been 3 or more days for the diapers it helps to do an additional warm/hot wash with no detergent.
Frigidaire Affinity FL HE
-normal wash on cold/cold with tiny bit of detergent
-normal wash on hot/cold with tiny bit of detergent (1 tbs of RnG)
-extra rinse
GE Spacemaker Model #: WSSH300GWW
-1st run through is this: no detergent, Rinse cycle, cold/cold, med spin
-2nd run through: 1 tbs of RnG, perm. press cycle, hot/cold, med spin, heavy soil/stain and extra rinse option turned on
- 3rd run through: no detergent, quick wash cycle, warm/cold, high spin
- start a cold rinse by pushing "speed wash", "normal soil", "medium spin", "tap cold", NO detergent.
-Once the cold rinse is complete pull out the wash drawer. Add 1 tablespoon of Rockin Green Soap. With the following settings- "whites", "normal soil", "medium spin", "warm", "extra rinse". *Use the My Cycle option to program your wash routine for future washes.
HE Cambrio/Toploader
-Rinse&Spin (cold/cold) with no soap
-Then a Normal cycle, set it to hot/cold with an extra rinse and a pre-soak with 2 tbs of RnG.
Kenmore Elite H3
-Rinse/Spin - 2nd Rinse, No spin, Tap Cold
-Heavy Duty - 2nd Rinse, Hot/Cold, High Spin cycle)
Kenmore HE2 Plus
-Rinse/Drain & Spin Cycle on Cold/Cold. I always make sure to press the Prewash & Second Rinse buttons
-Add 2 TBSP of RG to detergent bin
-Whitest Whites Cycle on Hot/Cold, High Spin Speed, Prewash, & Second Rinse.
LG Frontloader
-Cold/cold on delicate with water plus
-Hot/cold on cotton wash with water plus, 2tbsp of RG
-Cold/cold on delicate with water plus, no soap
-Rinse & Spin (default setting of warm/cold) -
-Sanitary (again default water settings extra hot/cold) 1:45 1 table spoon of rockin green.
Maytag Epic Z
-Wash on sanitary setting with highest water and extra rinse. We throw in two sopping wet towels for extra water/weight. -
-Extra Rinse/Spin cycle
Maytag Epic
-on the 'cycle' knob select 'heavy duty'
-adjust the soil level to the maximum
-select hot for wash and cold for rinse
-push the 'prewash' and 'extra rinse" buttons
-use 1 tbs of Rockin' Green
Maytag Neptune
-1st cycle: heavy soil cold/cold with extra rinse
-2nd cycle: heavy soil hot/cold with extra rinse and 1-2 tbsp. Rockin' Green, sometimes adding a presoak for heavily soiled diapers
*Delay wash option is good for washing diapers overnight.
Samsung HE FL model number:WF218ANB
-Rinse and spin cycle with extra rinse (cold water) no detergent
- Hot/cold heavy duty cycle with extra wash/extra rinse +detergent
-Rinse and spin cycle again with extra rinse

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  1. I love Rockin' Green! This is a really helpful set of directions and I'm glad you like it, too. Have you tried the Sport Rock for your workout gear yet? It's fantastic! It has tea tree oil in it which helps the bacteria really break down and wash away. I love it! Check it out when you get a chance!