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1 Bag at a Time Review & Giveaway

1 Bag at a Time Review By Mommy's Coupon Fairy
1 Bag at a Time  makes bags for people who care!! The offer a wide variety of reuseable bags that are safe for the environment and stylish at the same time!  The pride themselves in the fact that their bags make your look good, do good, and feel good.
First I will talk about their products -
1 Bag at a Time offers a wide variety of products that are good for the planet and all the people who live on it. They have graphic bags, insulated bags, jute bags, speciality bags and much more.  These non-customized bags are available for purchase and immediate delivery.  1 Bag at a Time also makes customized bags for businesses and groups of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local schools.  We offer a range of high quality, eco-friendly bags at affordable prices.  The fabric used in 1 Bag at a Time bags contains 10% recycled content from like-colored industrial scraps. It’s a clean and verifiable source of recyclable materials. Their openness and honesty about recycled content is another example of their dedication to corporate responsibility and corporate honesty. 
Then their People -
1 Bag at a Time, is a company who cares about everyone connected to their bags. They care about their customers.  They have a supreme level of customer service and ensure that customers phone calls and emails are answered in a timely manner.  1 Bag at at Time is committed to supplying the best bags possible at the best possible price.  They work hard to develop new products to stay on the forefront of eco-friendly bags.  The Company also shows their thankfulness to all the people who help to bring their bags to their customers, including the people who make them and transport them. 
And Finally, The Planet -
1 Bag at a Time is not just selling a product, but helping to solve a problem, "1 Bag at a Time".  The Company knows that reusable bags are the solution to the problem of waste around the world, and the impact of bags has been well documented.
At the time this review was written, 1 Bag at a Time has sold over:
- 19,249,138 reusable bags
Over the next 2 years, these bags together will save:
- 6,564 million plastic bags.
Enough petroleum to drive a car 1,154,948,280 miles.
Up to $3,272,353 in disposal costs.

Recycled Plastic in Bags
Here is the truth about recycled plastic bags. After searching for several years to find a recycled content PP bag, the Company found that many claims of recycled content are—at best—unreliable.  They’ve seen bags that say: "I used to be a plastic water bottle". But plastic bottles are made of plastic #2, and reusable bags are mostly made from plastic #5. These types of plastic are different materials, as different as cotton is from wool, or aluminum is from steel. Recycling one type into another is technically not possible.
For a long time, paper bags were considered a more environmental alternative. However, consider their whole life cycle and you find a different story.  A look at paper bag manufacturing, usage, and even disposal problems, and you will see why they are not a better choice.
Compared to plastic, making a paper bag:
  • emits 51% more global warming gasses
  • creates 50 times more water pollution
  • uses 4 times more raw materials
  • consumes 2 times more energy
Once used, paper bags are unlikely to be re-used. They tear easily and are made for one time usage.
Although paper bags are biodegradable, about 80% percent of all paper bags end up in landfills. There, they do not biodegrade because of a lack of oxygen. They also cost more to landfill because they take up much more space by weight and volume than plastic bags do.
Every study ever done shows reusable bags as by far the best choice for the environment.   Help keep our forests green and use reusable bags!  Here is a comparison chart which shows the lifecycle of different types of bags


I received the orange yoga bag in the picture to the left.  The other purple yoga bags will be for my Giveaway!  The bag is soft and colorful.  It is wide enough for a grocery order, but can be used to fold clothes, children's items, and much more.  I liked carrying the bag because it was fun and vibrant, as well as good for the environment.  1 Bag at a Time is working to send a message to its consumers that recycled bags are safe for the environment and I respect their mission.
Please stop by 1 Bag at a Time's Check out the Bag Blog - Bag Blog.  My favorite article shows you 10 ways to remember your reusable bags when you go shopping.  Studies show that 50% of Americans want to use their own bags, but only about 25% remember to do it.
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