Friday, July 15, 2011

Parking Pal Magnet Review & 8,000 fan Giveaway

Parking Pal's mission is to help help reduce injuries to children in parking lots and heighten awareness of the dangers in parking lots.

A Parking Pal magnet is a round, colorful magnet that attaches to your car.  It has a handprint in the center and a design around it.  The purpose of the magnet is for a child to place his/her hand on the handprint which keeps him/her close to the car in a busy parking lot.  To use the magnet - Simply place the Parking Pal on the side of your vehicle, where it will remain safely attached at all times.

My daughter just loves the magnets! While Mommy is putting her brother in his car seat, she has her hand safely placed on the magnet and is counting!  She loves to count and I even play a game of "Find the number" while she is waiting for me to get organized.  I ask her - "Where is the number ____?"  And she searches for it on the magnet.  This is such a great and inexpensive addition to your safety products, as well as a wonderful learning tool!!

Parents, grandparents, day-care providers, aunts, uncles, friends, or whoever is caring for a child can be easily distracted in parking lots. Loading or unloading packages, rifling for keys, tending to the baby, or helping elderly parents can take precious attention away from our children, leaving them vulnerable to a number of dangerous situations. Other drivers can't see when they back up because the car next to them is too large or they're distracted by their cell phones, or blind spots make it easy for them to overlook small children who may be behind them. And children, well, they don't always do what they're told or stay where they should. It only takes one second for tragedy to strike.

One mother residing in Virginia began to think of ways to keep her kids focused so the chance of them bolting or wondering in parking lots would be eliminated. She created the Parking Pal and IT WORKED! Austin, her 5-year old, and Aiden, her 3-year old, love the Parking Pal. When getting out of or coming back to the vehicle they go directly to it, put their hand on it, fiddle around with it and chat with each other while she gets her youngest into his stroller or back into his car seat. Until all vehicles are equipped with back-up cameras and all until all drivers remember to pay careful attention in parking lots, this is a great aid in keeping your child safer.
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Check out this video on baby-proofing your car as seen on Fox News -


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