Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Nari Review

The Babi Nari HipHugger is a unique and stylish baby carrier that is perfect for babies and toddlers who love to be picked up and put down repeatedly.  Baby Nari is designed for comfort and features a heart shaped non-skid material that keeps babies and toddlers in place.  The Hip Hugger is made of a durable material with wide straps that allow mom and dad to comfortably wear the carrier with multiple sitting options for baby and toddler.  The Baby Nari features storage spaces along the belt as well as a mesh pocket.  This item makes it simple and easy for on- the-go parents to carry their child. 

The Babi Nari is available in Black, Pink, Denim, Blue, Red, Beige, and Brown.  I received the Baby Nari in Brown and was very impressed with the sturdy packaging.  The carrier comes in a beautiful box which is perfect for storage or even as a present for a new mom as a baby shower or a first birthday gift!

The Babi Nari is easy to use and wear.  There are 5 simple steps which will allow you to safely carry your baby:
(1) With the seat of your back, how the belt on your waist above your hips.
(2) Fasten your belt tightly while holding your breath.
(3) Secure the belt to the velcro strap
(4) Click the buckle completely, pull the strap tightly and strap through the loop. 
(5) Turn the seat from the back to your preferred position.  
The tighter the belt, the more comfort for mom/dad and baby!

The Baby Nari provides several sitting positions for mom/dad and baby.  Your baby can face in or out and be carried from the front or the side.  This allows curious babies to be able to view all of their surroundings.  The Baby Nari is designed to limit the stress on your lower back.  The Babi Nari even distributes the weight of your child while promoting good posture.  

I used the Baby Nari on my latest trip to the Tyler Arboretum for my son, Owen, who is 13 months old.  He is an active little one and loves to hang on Mommy!!  He also loves to wonder on his own, so this is ideal for picking him and putting her down often.

The Baby Nari is very comfortable to wear and the pockets are great to store keys, cards, money and other little items that the kids may need!

My son likes to be held close and we used the Baby Nari in the side position.  I could not believe how easy the Baby Nari was to use.  The non-slip heart on the carrier holds your baby in place and even though you have to hold your baby close, this wonderful accessory does all the work!

If you are interested in purchasing your very own Baby Nari Hip Hugger - please stop by Baby Nari online and Baby Nari on Facebook!

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