Saturday, May 7, 2011

Patrick and Royal Learn about Shapes Written by Carolyn Crown

Written by Carolyn Crown

This title is the first in an educational children's series written by Carolyn Crown.  The wonderful story begins with an introduction to Patrick and Royal.  Patrick, a little boy with bright blue eyes and a lock of blonde hair, takes us on a journey to learn about shapes with his best friend, Royal, a blue elephant.
The story was inspired by Carolyn's son - Patrick Royal - who as an infant had terrible acid reflux.  Carolyn soon realized that holding him in an upright position made him most comfortable.  At that time, she began to read many books and stories to him.  She thought he may enjoy reading a story where he was the star. 
At the beginning of the book, Patrick and Royal introduce themselves and welcome young readers and their moms and dads to learn about shapes together. Their shape adventure begins with a blue square.  The shape is introduced and Patrick asks questions about it which engages young readers and inspires parent-child interaction.  The questions encourage your children to count and even motivate a game of I-Spy.  There is also a small shape example for your child to find.

Patrick and Royal continue with a new shape on every page: circles, triangles, rectangles, ovals, stars and diamonds.  The soft blue and green colors in Carolyn's book are very calming.  The illustrations are adorable and showcase the book's two characters, Patrick and Royal, on every page.  The last and very special shape is a red heart, reminding children that moms and dads, and Patrick and Royal, love them very much!!

I recommend reading in different rooms of the house for your children to learn shapes everywhere! Please visit Carolyn's website at Carolyn Crown Designs to order your copy of PATRICK and ROYAL LEARN ABOUT SHAPES or another great title in her series.  Each copy of her book arrives with an autograph by both Patrick and Royal.  The book is recommended for ages 1-4.
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