Monday, May 2, 2011

30% off Parking Pal Magnets - Gaggle of Chicks + FREE SHIPPING

Gaggle of Chick's Nationwide Deal is for Parking Pal Magnets!!

Our friends over at Parking Pal Magnet are offering 30% off their safety magnet today and tomorrow only!!

Get your Gaggle of Chicks Deal Here

You don't need to have read headlines of child fatalities to know that parking lots are dangerous places. How to get your kids to stay close to the car while you're loading the sixteen grocery bags into the trunk? Don't miss a chance to get Parking Pal, the magnetic stickers that make staying close to the car fun!
Our deal offers one Parking Pal magnet for $6.50. (The regular price is $9.23, so we're offering a 30% discount.) This product was designed by a mom who struggled to get her children to stay put in parking lots. With drivers chatting on cell phones, texting, or merely scoping other spots, the incident rate of accidents in parking lots has increased.
The Parking Pal works simply: you place the colorful magnetic decal on your car's exterior, and encourage your kid(s) to place their hands on the brightly colored hand illustration there while you load up the car. Have two children? Buy two decals. And create a game to see who can get to the Parking Pal fastest—and who can stay there. This is one product that makes safety fun!
To redeem, first purchase here on Gaggle of Chicks. Instructions will be emailed to you along with proof of purchase. Please note that SHIPPING IS INCLUDED!

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