Saturday, March 12, 2011

Captain Zoom Personalized Birthday Song/CD Review & Discount

Captain Zoom’s Mission
Captain Zoom  will travel from the Moon to Earth to sing a personalized birthday song that mentions the person’s name 8 times!  It will make their birthday a day they will always remember with our personalized birthday song. Our personalized birthday song) is recorded on a CD, MP3 or DVD and is guaranteed to be the hit of the birthday party. Watch the child’s eyes light up as they hear Captain Zoom sing their name 8 times.

Captain Zoom’s History
In 1976, The American Broadcasting Co. introduced the Captain Zoom personalized happy birthday recording in a soft record format. Originally developed collaboratively by Stewart Sloke (the “original” voice of Zoom), Donn Marier, Richard Klein, and Javier Cruz, its early commercial success was aided by Robert Stiller, who was a sales and marketing consultant to ABC.

When ABC decided to discontinue their Record and Tape Division in 1978, Mr. Stiller purchased the recording rights and inventory and merged the recording into American Pro, a general products company with distribution to the mass marketing sector.

The Captain Zoom personalized happy birthday recording enjoyed great success with distribution in chains such as Toys R Us, Childworld, Children’s Palace, Kiddie City, Walmart, Target, and Bradlees. Over 40 million children have enjoyed these special personalized songs. Distribution of the song was not only in the US but also in England, Ireland, South Africa and Australia.
In 1999, we further expanded our ability to reach a worldwide audience by offering the Captain Zoom personalized happy birthday song for sale on the web. The recording can be customized for any name.

I can remember growing up listening to this song, not only on my birthday, but all year around.  I memorized all the words to the fun song, and now have passed the memories on to my children.  We recently received the Happy Birthday, Owen cd in the mail for my son, and it is now in my car CD player, as we play it almost daily.  The Captain Zoom song is wacky and upbeat and you will be sure to have it stuck in your head!  But your children will love to hear their name in their very own personalized version. 
My daughter also has the CD and since her birthday was a few weeks ago, we have been listening non-stop!! She calls it her "speech creature" birthday song and I will often catch her signing the words to the song while she is playing with her dolls. 
Do you think Captain Zoom won't have your child's name?!  Well, have no fear, Captain Zoom will custom personalize your order.  So try searching the entire name list first. The name you are looking for may be under a different spelling. For example, there are many different ways to spell Aubrey. It might be listed as Aubrey, Aubrie, Aubry, etc. You can modify the spelling of any of the names.
If you are still unable to find the person’s name, click to order a custom name for $10.00 extra. Please use the A-Z Name List as reference or contact Captain Zoom at 1-800-543-9112 for assistance.

Captain Zoom also has personalized wedding, anniversary, & christmas songs

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