Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flash Fun Winners! 8/31

Congrats!! Please reach out to the sponsors or post on their wall to claim your prizes!

Knotheads Outfit - Heather Kohl

Reading is Amazing $5 - Callista Meyer

Veleena's Design - Rena Hyde

The Unedible Bakery - Cotrice Gallaher

Sweets & Treats - Teresa Yates

$5 to HealthyU - Tanya Juergens

Haridolls80 - Shannon Gallagher

Pixiekid Toys - Jennifer Swank

Kidz Rock Fashion Mag - Rena Hyde

Misty's Mystical Jewelry - Fluff's Enough ShoutOuts

Purseaholic - Lisa Hennessey McCracken

5 blocks from Her Royal Cuteness Boutique - Heather Howard

Clingy Cord - Tiphany Gannon

Bow from me! - Terressa Burnette

Totsy - Lana Rowe

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